Beat Constipation with Red Onion

Red onion, who doesn't know? This herb almost certainly exists in every household.

The plant figure is clumping. Its tall is between 40 to 60 centimeters. The leaves are flat, elongated, and whitish-green. The flowers grow elongated and white.

The fruit is round and green. The roots are stringy and grow shallow. So as obtaining plants that grow and produce well, they should be planted in loose soil.

The tuber often used as a spice is a bulb. The tubers contain essential oils, kaempferol, quercetin, etc. Red onion can be used to treat several diseases.

1. High blood pressure

One red onion is peeled and washed with water. This already clean onion is eaten whole or in pieces. It can also be used as a mixture of pickles.

2. Constipation

One red onion is peeled and washed clean and then eaten whole or previously stirred in peanut oil. Repeat every few days so that constipation disappears.

3. Wound

One red onion is peeled and crushed by sanding. The crushed red onion is affixed or attached to the wound.

4. Ulcers

One medium-sized red onion is cleaned and washed. Destroy by sanding. Then it's affixed or attached to a boil.

5. Trichomoniasis

One onion is cleaned and destroyed until creamed. With the help of cotton, onion liquid is affixed to the affected part.

6. Fever

20 grams of onions are cleaned and shredded, and mixed with coconut oil. The mixture is massaged into the fontanel and whole body.

7. Colds

Onions are peeled and then cut and scraped into the skin of the body. It could also be kneaded and mixed into coconut oil. This mixture is used for the scraping.


People who suffer from abdominal pain are suggested only eating onion a small amount.

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