Why Children Continue to Heat, Cough, and Have Runny Nose

A baby should rarely get sick because there's sustained high immunity when conceived or nursing mothers. Everyday illnesses like the flu, another viral diseases, or even bacterial infections are being rejected.

For long, this fact has been recognized. Try it if your baby lived at home with a person with measles, then usually, it wouldn't easily infected.

But in fact, many children and babies become doctor subscribers every 2-3 weeks because of the same disease, alternating fever, cough, and runny nose, to the extent that the parents don't know what to do anymore.

Originator of the disease in children is difficult to determine because it can vary, for example, less healthy environment, high pollution, and a smoker in the home. The use of air conditioning at night can cause cold temperature allergy, making the child's nose clogged so he's to breath through the mouth.

The fan is installed in the bedroom and blowing dust across the room, not to mention the transmission of the virus in schools and crowded places such as malls, also coughing and cold nurses. There's also a rare occurrence, ached from eating unhealthy snacks which make throat tingle.

Cough and runny nose along with fever that occur occasionally in 6-12 months are still considered reasonable. However, observations show that a visit to the doctor can occur every 2-3 weeks for years. If this is the case, then there are two possibilities of misnomer in the handling.

Firstly, the treatment is always given antibiotics. Whereas, 95% of cough and cold attacks with or without fever are caused by a virus, and antibiotics don't kill viruses. In addition to redundance, antibiotics even sometimes effect dangerous sides.

If it's said to accelerate healing, a viral disease will recover in a few days with or without antibiotics. It's been proved by repeatedly controlled studies since the discovery of antibiotics in the 1950-1960's. The result is always the same so no need to doubt the truth.

On the other hand, antibiotics even kill good bacteria in the body that function to maintain balance and avoid nasty germs invade the body. It also reduces the immunity of the child so that the durability decreases.

As a result, the child falls sick every 2-3 weeks and needs to treat again. The parents then immediately buy antibiotics at the pharmacy or the market simply because whenever see the doctor, they're given the drug.

This vicious cycle, pain-antibiotics-decreased immunity-sick again, will make the boy bullied by fever, cough, and cold throughout the year for many years. Complications also often happen that finally bring the child to the treatment room in the hospital.

Experience has shown, when antibiotics are stripped of prescription, temporarily, adequate cough and cold medicines are given, after 1-3 months, the child won't be easily attacked by the flu again. The growth of the body is to be better.

The second misunderstanding is that the symptoms of coughs and colds not treated properly, meaning that the treatment strategy needs to change. This is because the so drugs sold in pharmacies aren't always able to overcome the problem of every patient. In fact frequently, coughs and colds even become more severe and prolonged.

A fundamental and individual change in the recipe needs to do to break the vicious cycle of fever, cough, and runny nose. The main things are to stop the antibiotics, not to provide corticosteroids continuously, to stop cough suppressant drug administration and replace it with bronchodilators, as well as to provide a new mix of cold medicine.

Small dose of ephedrine mixed with effective antihistamines is the best cold medicine. Meanwhile, all the drugs not proven effectively need to stop.

Last but not least, look for trigger factors listed at the beginning of this paper. When found, avoid. Hopefully, your children don't need anymore so often seek treatment because of the flu!

Good luck!

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