Secret Steps to Reap New Acquaintances

Being acquainted is not easy. Wrong strategy, it could be worse as a result. Here are the safe and pleasant acquaintance moves. There are four steps suggested by Dr. Lilian Glass in her book Confident Conversation before we met.

Smile. If you don't like the way you smile, look into the mirror and look for the most appropriate form of a smile. Relax your facial muscles that make up that smile. Express sincerity through a smile.

Face contact. Navigate the entire face, not just your eyes. Besides his eyes, look at every part of the face. As you speak, brush your views to the rest of his face for five seconds, then into his eyes for three seconds, and into every part of his face for three seconds with an interval of 2-3 times.

Handshake. Be prepared at any time to shake hands. The full, powerful, and warm grasp is more impressive than a weak and reluctant grip. It also reflects the great confidence.

Say "Hello" warmly. Show enthusiasm but control your voice, not too loud.

With such suggestions, hopefully, you'll get as many new acquaintances in your social circle.

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