Plus Values of a Condom

Condoms are still seen as something disturbing in the corridors of contraception. In fact, many advantages are gained by using a condom.

There are many reasons for a married couple to use some contraception. Various kinds of contraception itself are so diverse that each couple has own reasons why chooses one of the contraception.

Differentiated in terms of tools, there are two types of contraception: with or without walker. Tools imposed by a husband or wife are useful to prevent the meeting of sperm and egg cells. It can be condoms for men and women. It can also be the birth control pills, injections, implants, spirals, or IUD, for women.

The tools aren't necessary when the couple agrees to choose some natural contraception to avoid a pregnancy, for example, by way of periodic abstinence or coitus interruptus.

Periodic abstinence is very easy to do, simply by marking the fertile and infertile experienced by wife every month. How to calculate is approximately plus and minus three days from the day 14. At that time, the release of the eggs happen.

So, before day 11 and after day 17, it's infertile. At this time span, intercourse can be done freely without the worry of pregnancy.

However, it applies to female partners who have normal menstrual cycles, i.e. every 28 days. For women who have irregular menstrual cycles, the calculation is slightly different. Although looks safe and almost without cost, this method isn't completely effective. There remains the possibility of miscalculation that concession happens.

Of some earlier contraceptive aids, condoms have a level of safety and side effects above average. Some literature mentioned the side effects of non-condom contraceptives such as the pill and the IUD. For example, the research conducted in the United States was obtained the result that the pill contraceptive could inhibit a woman's libido.

However, although has a little side effects and safety, the challenge of condom contraception is the largest. Dr. Boyke Dian Nugraha, Sp.O.G., a gynecologist who dealt with many spousal sexual problems, didn't dismiss it. Uncomfortable reason emerged from the mouth of the husband, mainly, because the skin of the penis wasn't in direct contact with the vaginal wall.

Condom industry also made a breakthrough by issuing ornate condoms. There are serrated, threaded, and flavorful condoms. According to Boyke, those things could cause a curiosity for the couple who had never tried them. Once tried, they'd feel a new sensation that they'd never felt before.

"When found the joy, don't be surprised if always wanted to try again." Said Boyke.

How creative the condom industry is. Even there is a condom product which can glow in the dark or has some music. About this problem, Boyke found, for not causing allergies in women, it didn't matter.

"As the variation, it's fine, especially, if the partner likes." Said Boyke.

In addition to function as a contraceptive, condoms can be used in therapy. Of course, its name is condom therapy.

According to Prof. dr. Arjatmo Tjokronegoro, Sp.And. Ph.D. in his book Rahasia di balik Keperkasaan Pria, this therapy is for infertile couples due to antisperm antibodies thought to be one of the factors contributing to the potential failure in inseminating the eggs in the female body.

Condom therapy is also a great option for couples who don't have children due to both the humoral and cellular immune system.

If wanted to use a method of contraception, from the immunological point, the best method is the condom. This method, besides "preventing" a conception, also prevents a contact between the male antigen with the immune system of women.

Condoms are used constantly when in touch anywhere anytime for about 6-8 months. For a long time, it's expected antibody levels have declined and no longer exist in the female reproductive area, so that the sperms that have been mobilized by antibody are "free" and meet with the ovum without any hindrance during the fertile period that has been specified.

Not only that, condoms also serve in aiding the success of vasectomy. Those who choose a vasectomy as a contraceptive aren't necessarily free immediately after the sperm duct is "cut". To ensure the success of vasectomy, for 15-20 ejaculations, it's aided by using a condom.

Even when your wife was using a method of contraception, condoms should still be used in some circumstances, for example, in fertile period if using a calendar system, waiting for installing an IUD, waiting for repealing an implant, forgetting to take a pill over a period of 36 hours, as well as suspected there are sexually transmitted diseases among couples.

There is something that should be considered when decide to use a condom as an alternative contraceptive, i.e. always use a new condom during sexual intercourse with your partner. It'd be more affectionate if your wife pairing the condom.

Fit the condom when the penis stiffens. Open the roll and attach to the stiff penis. Immediately after ejaculation, pull the penis out of the vagina. Hold the base of the penis and remove the condom carefully while still tense.

Wrap and dispose a condom that have been used in a safe place. If wanted to have sex again, penis should be washed first with soap and water.

There are two condom maker materials: rubber or latex, and other materials such as plastic. Almost all condoms distributed in Indonesia are made of rubber or latex which can prevent sperms meeting the eggs when doing sexual intercourse. Besides, clinically, this material is effective in preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted disease.

The effectiveness of condoms are very high when used correctly and disciplinarily with a success rate of 95% in the prevention of pregnancy. It can be used by all men not allergic to rubber or latex.

Besides, condoms made from latex material are clinically very well in preventing a vaginitis caused by infections such as trichomoniasis, and some sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia. If the diseases are considered old-fashioned, condoms are also proved effectively in preventing the HIV.

There are still other advantages of condoms in warding the venereal diseases. It's able to prevent the HPV that can cause genital warts, the HSV that can cause a herpes, and hepatitis B.

Another added values of the condoms are able to prolong the time and increase the enjoyment of sexual intercourse. It's rarely recognized by the men. It's added to mention that condoms are very easy to obtain and don't require a prescription. It can be worn alone as well as easy to carry anywhere.

Nevertheless, we often have a little trouble to find a fitting or perfect condom for us. It's recommended to use different brands of condoms and feel which one is the most appropriate for you. If never used a condom, you'd start using and feeling the difference. The advice "try first before judging" is very necessary.

Today, in the era of the virtual world, an idea of condom use campaign via the internet emerged from the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene. E-condom, so the campaign is named, was arising due to the high rates of HIV among youth.

Through Facebook, Dr. Monica Sweeney, an assistant commissioner of the health institution, believed that they could help the millions of people in the world to propagate the use of condoms to suppress the HIV.

As an illustration, in New York alone, more than 100,000 citizens have been exposed to HIV-positive. This figure is larger than any other city in the United States such as Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Seeing a variety of benefits earlier, it couldn't hurt to use a condom. Pleasure problem, believe me, is all there in our brain. Changing mindset is what we need to do. The trick? Yes, to try different kinds of condoms.

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