Kidney Stones Lost by Avocado

Not only delicious to juice or eaten alone with sprinkled sugar, avocado is proved to have some efficacy as a medicine. This fruit is rich with a variety of chemical constituents, for example, saponin, alkaloid, flavonoid, and tannin. Meanwhile, the leaves contain saponin, alkaloid, flavonoid, polyphenol, quercetin, and alcohol sugar.

Chinese pharmacology and traditional treatment of others mentioned that the leaves of this plant had a bitter taste and chelates. Sections used for the treatment are the fruits, leaves, and seeds. The leaves can be used as a urine laxative and antibacterial. Seeds can be used as anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

Avocado propagation uses a seed. Maintenance of this plant is easy, simply watering and keeping the soil moist. Fertilization is only a basic fertilizer. These plants require a place with enough sunlight.

Diseases that can be cured and how to use them:

1. Sprue

A ripe avocado meat given 2 tbsp. of pure honey is evenly stirred and eaten. Do it every day until healed.

2. Kidney stones

Materials needed: 4 avocado leaves, 3 rhizomes, 5 stalks of cottonwood leaves, ½ betel nut, 1 nutmeg, 3 fingers of palm sugar. All the materials are washed and boiled in 3 cups of water until remained 2¼ cups. Once cool, strain and drink 3 times a day, each ¾ cup.

3. High blood pressure, headaches

3 avocado leaves are washed and brewed with 1 cup of hot water. Cool, strain, and drink.

4. Dry facial skin

Take fruits then crush like mush. Use as a mask. Once the mask is dry, wash your face with water.

5. Toothache due to cavities

Enter the avocado seed fractions to the holes.

6. Swelling due to inflammation

Mash an avocado seed so that it becomes like flour, add water so that it becomes like porridge, then smear onto the sick body.

7. Diabetes

Bake beans over a fire, cut into small pieces, then boil until the water turns brown. Cool, strain, and drink.

8. Nerve, stomach pains

3-6 pcs of leaves are brewed, filtered, cooled, and drunk.

9. Swelling airway, irregular menstruation

3-6 pcs of leaves are brewed. Drink after cool and filtered.

Note: pregnant women are prohibited from using this herb.

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