Keep the Conversation Interesting

Talks among people who have just met will remain attractive if carried out in both directions. So, don't just talk about yourself or dominate.

Here are tips on how to keep the conversation interesting:

* Control your body and facial languages. During the talk, keep still in contact face but don't be impressed "to master". Expressive movement is fine but don't be excessive.

* Don't gossip. Once you start, who knows he's well acquainted with the object of gossip. You'll also look small but weighty.

* Develop the topic of conversation. Of the many issues that exist in newspapers and magazines, you'll get the varied talk. The topic that you know exactly is being discussed in more depth. Remember, this isn't a discussion. Avoid arguments.

* Have a sense of humor. Everyone loves a joke or anecdote. But be careful, though humor about sex and ethnicity might be able to blow up the laughter and smiles of amusement, jokes that you throw are reflecting the overall image of yourself. Don't lower your dignity with a cheap joke.

* Don't interrupt. From a survey about what hurt the conversation, then 90% of respondents admitted not like interrupted. If you want to be a pleasant interlocutor, give him a chance to finish what he wants to say. Hold your wishes to interrupt.

* Show enthusiasm. Don't hesitate to express enthusiasm because it'll show how much you're interested in the topic he's talking about. Use the feeling when talking and listening.

* Supple viewpoint. Open yourself to the views of others. You may express your views but without being hostile, attacking, or defending yourself.

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