Improve EQ in Children

Children is taught a realistic and optimistic way of thinking that grades in school sometimes can go up or down. As well as health, if not maintained, it can go down.

How to teach a realistic and optimistic thinking in children is by completing with emotional quotient (EQ) early. So, the child doesn't have behavioral problems in adult life.

Research of Carroll Izard, Ph.D. from the University of Delaware in Newark showed, children difficult to understand their feelings and other's will be prone to behavioral and learning problems at a greater age.

Easy ways to teach some EQ, for example, are by:

1. Emotional cards

Homemade cards with a picture showing different facial expressions can help children to recognize various feelings, such as anger or surprise. Ask your child whenever feeling the same.

2. Outpouring of heart

Children should be ready to open up when wanted to tell you about school. You'd be able to empathize with the problem. If not liking to tell, you frequently ask every time coming home from school. When less effective, provoke the child to tell. The trick is by telling your childhood experiences in school, either pleasant or bad. Maybe, it'll stimulate the child to tell a story.

3. Read fairy tales, books together

Find books that focus on different types of feelings, such as Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul. Choose a fairy tale that gives a moral message. From the stories, children will know that there are many people also having problems in school or at home. Moreover, sprinkle them with moral messages and advices to live to improve the moral intelligence.

4. Play role, drama

Play emotional events with children, for example, malingering, getting a bad test score, or other. Also engage siblings and friends.

5. Involve children in sport activities, organizations

Children will learn how to cooperate with others and understand the attitude of friends different from themselves. If possible, take them camping to mountain, forest, or beach to see the sunrise and sunset. It's also closely related to increase the spiritual intelligence of children. You can use mosques, churches, and temples for this.

6. Praise, motivate children

When the child gets bad grades, give a motivation that still able to achieve a better value tomorrow or in the next exam. You don't get mad if getting a bad score. Praise as long as not too much if successfully achieving the feat.

Children must learn for having advantages and disadvantages. So, he mayn't be proficient in all subjects. Perfectionistic children tend to be depressed compared with other children. Anyway, notify not to be afraid to do wrong because experience is also a valuable lesson to deal with life.

Thus, the child will know which behavior should and shouldn't. Parents need to teach some EQ. So, children also empathize with other people.

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