Hardy Harmonious Family

As the smallest entity of society, inevitably, the family becomes an establishment key for excelled generation. However, to bond a harmonious family isn't always easy. It should be prepared also telling moves that marital bond is resilient.

What are the threats to watch out for, what are the early signs of spousal relationship breakdown, and how are the tips to handle? Anyway, marriage turns out to prolong life!

Scientifically, it can be analyzed and predicted that married life, indeed, improves the health of soul and body. You see, marriage is changing lifestyle towards a more disciplined and orderly, not to mention the assurance factor that couples usually take care and remind of each other. The rhythm of life that had been arbitrarily is "forced" to be made more regularly because of the tolerance to the couple.

In terms of mental health, sharing the happiness in a harmonious marriage is healthy, a kind of spiritual food for the soul's health. Happiness in marriage doesn't come alone. It should be pursued, maintained, grown, and created.

It's important to build a good relationship between husband and wife. If husband and wife relationship was good, the relationship with the children, the surrounding environment, even with God would be good.

The key to a good relationship is communication. Examples of relationship between husband and wife are a kiss before parting for work in the morning, to thank nonverbally with touch, watching TV while sitting side by side, a walk or jog together, to call each other when you're apart, watching movies together, eating together in restaurants, and other activities that make intimate relationship of husband and wife.

Praying together regularly, although not every day, is already significant because the goal is to present God in your relationship. Lastly, forgive each other.

Marriage based on love and togetherness gave birth to physically and mentally happy bond. Love is important but not the only one. Meanwhile, the togetherness was created when the pair managed to cultivate the spirit of sacrifice and mutual understanding.

Do your bonds of marriage start to loose? If many of the following symptoms was coloring your marital life, immediately, overcome the sources in order not to cause the family ark destroyed.

* Moody atmosphere in marriage.
* Frustrated, bored, empty, and lonely feelings in a relationship with a partner.
* Indifferent to the partner's problems, pleasures, and work.
* Cold. No more intimacy with a partner.
* Lack of attention and giving each other a sign of love between husband and wife.
* Rarely making plans and activities together.
* Routine and banal communication.
* More attention to the position and money than relationships with a partner.
* Fights, including about a trivial matter.
* Mutual insult, accuse, insinuating, and criticizing.
* Constantly searching for a reason to abstain.
* Decreased ability to admire each other.

Regardless of the personal attitude of each spouse, partner relations are also influenced by the surrounding circumstances and environments. In Asia, there are some sensitive problems potentially disrupting.

* Problem-in-law. Lack of agreement in terms of financial aid, for example, or husband's mother "scrambling" of love against his wife.
* Financial management issues. The family finances should be managed together.
* Sex problems. In many Asian cultures and subcultures, sex is still taboo. As a result, if one party isn't satisfied, the other party doesn't know.
* Career problems. It arises when the wife is of a career as well and more advanced than her husband, or husband was laid off while the wife wasn't.

When husband and wife are able to create situations and circumstances that each inner needs are met, then they're on the right track to make their home into a reassuring "palace".

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