Guides to Choose a Healthy Snack

Do you like snacking? While reading the newspaper or watching a television, indeed snacking is exciting. It's just not all snacks are healthy. How to choose a healthy snack?

A food expert from the Academy of Chemical Analyst, Bogor, Ir. Chandra Irawan, M.Si., in a health seminar in Jakarta stated that the nutritious and healthy food was some food sufficient in quality and quantity, and contained elements that the body needs in the amount as needed.

The elements aren't seen from the size, shape, or delicacy, but rather on the required substances as carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, fats, and vitamins.

Ir. Chandra continued, in general the food in Indonesia could freely circulate and be sold without having first through quality control and safety. As a result more than 70% of food sold by manufacturers are still traditional and far from the health and safety requirements. No wonder so many cases of poisoning occurs.

In order for poisoning not to overwrite, follow guides to choose a healthy snack:

1. Observe whether the food is brightly colored or much different from the original color. Snacks, crackers, noodles, or ice cream too flashy colored, there's a possibility to be added with dyes. Likewise, the color of the processed beef which remains the same with the fresh meat.

2. Taste it. If the food tastes sharp, very tasty, and makes the tongue vibrate, it's usually not safe.

3. Note the aroma. If stale or rancid, it means the food is damaged or contaminated with microorganisms.

4. Note the quality of the food whether still fresh or moldy. Expiry date is one of the indications.

5. If want to buy some imported food, try the products have been listed in the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency which can be observed in its packaging labels.

6. Note the harmful chemicals in food. Some examples are cyclamate, saccharin, nitrosamine, MSG, rhodamine B, formalin, and borax.

7. Don't familiarize some burnt food because can lead to cancer.

"The safe criteria is relative. Safe for one person isn't necessarily safe for others. Therefore it needs to be considered if there's an allergic reaction." Said Ir. Chandra.

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