Good Eating Habits

A child has a tendency to choose the preferred food alone. Therefore, good eating habits need inculcated from an early age. The role of parents in monitoring children's consumption patterns is very important.

Here are some ways that could be a guide:

1. Don't get children eating appetizers or high calorie content interlude before the main meal. As a result, the child will feel full before the meal arrives.

2. Despite the family is in the economic crisis, try your child to eat foods with balanced nutrition. It could be a glass of milk, yogurt, or a piece of cheese as a substitute at least twice a day to meet calcium needs for bone and tooth growth.

3. Familiarize children always to eat a breakfast. It can avoid the habit of eating snacks.

4. Get used to deliver children food supplies to school. Provide an understanding, brought food is more healthy and nutritious than those purchased in any place.

5. Don't get to obey all the child's demand, some kind of chocolate, candy, snacks, jelly, etc.

6. Develop some assertiveness, open, and logic when refusing the child's request. Then, try to provide an alternative. Say that candy and chocolate isn't good because able to damage the teeth. Offer a milk fruit pudding instead.

7. Give a positive example for children. Children tend to imitate the habits and behavior of the closest people. Never expect your child to stop the snacking habit if every afternoon never missed intercepting a wonton noodle artisan that passes in front of the house.

8. If not forced, don't get used your children to buy some fast food. This food is less balanced the nutritional content composition because too many fats and calories.

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