Flu Not Need Antibiotics

Flu or influenza is a viral disease that attacks the upper respiratory which usually comes suddenly. It most often arises during the change of seasons or weather.

In its complete form, it's accompanied by fever, cough, runny nose, sneezing, also aches in muscles and bones. Sometimes, it's accompanied by headache, diarrhea, or nausea.

Clearly, the flu is to be distinguished from the common or allergic cold.

Flu and colds usually don't need to be treated with antibiotics because the virus is immune to antibiotics. Antibiotics are only occasionally needed when there's a complication of infection with germs. It only happens about 5% of all cases.

Ironically, according to statistics, almost all patients treated by the doctor were given antibiotics. This poses a major problem because use of antibiotics becomes very excessive. This can lead to immune germs and make benign germs in the body become malignant.

This transformation can happen in just three days. As a result, viral infections are even complicated by bacteria and flu is even persistent.

Actually, the flu treatment is simple. Patients should rest and reduce activity, including speech. Exercise should be stopped temporarily. When accompanied by a fever, the patient shouldn't covered.

Contrary to the understanding that circulated widely in the community, since long, studies have proven that antibiotics don't accelerate cold cure. Instead, simply by giving a simple remedy to alleviate the symptoms of colds, coughs, and heat alone can reduce symptoms and suffering.

Cure for the flu needs to contain a mixture of fever drug, cold component to dry the nose, and cough component. If the symptom is only with fever, it isn't required all the components.

What if just a cold? Simply select drugs that contain a cold component. If mixed with antihistamine component, it's still allowed. Selection of combination drug is depending on the suitability of individual.

Meanwhile, buying antibiotics alone in the market, however, can't be justified. You see, antibiotics are classified in a dangerous drug that the use should be controlled. The doctors already misguided about the use of antibiotics are encouraged not to do it again. I wish they'd switch to a rational method of treatment.

Serious side effects of antibiotics, instead can lead to resistance problems, sometimes can lead to death. The wasteful drugs that are ineffective and even cause dangerous reactions are actually contrary to the consideration of the benefits or risks of treatment principles.

When the whole community continues to perform the error, then the risk becomes very large. Germ resistance will cause the loss of efficacy of antibiotics when it's really necessary.

What about various other drugs? Vitamins and sputum thinning aren't absolutely necessary and need to be assessed individually. Remember, with or without antibiotics, flu will recover within a few days to a week. Unless, you should consult your family physician.

What needs to be determined is whether suffered fever is caused by another disease or if the medicine needs to be changed.

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