Fever Patients Not Covered

What to do when a family member had a fever? First, he'd to rest. Enveloped by thick blanket, this is often the case, isn't justified. Hot air of the body, instead, can't evaporate so that the temperature will rise. Even for the kids can get seizures. The cold occurs as the body temperature is rising suddenly.

The best action is wiping the entire body of the patient with a damp cloth continuously for 5-7 minutes. With the evaporation of water from the skin, the body part is cooled so that, usually, the body temperature also fell.

It's not good to use alcohol for that purpose because the alcohol will be absorbed by the skin. Compressing only on the head is also ineffective because the contact surface is too small. In addition, patients should be given to drink a lot to cool the body.

Fever or heat is a symptom which can stand alone or become part of a collection of symptoms of a disease. Fever is an important sign to watch out for in the beginning, often, can't be known the cause and danger.

When have a fever, you should measure axillary temperature with a thermometer four times a day every 4-5 hours. The temperature needs to be noted to show to the doctor. The doctor who later examines it can gain an impression of the type of illness of body temperature fluctuations.

For example, the temperature in typhus in the 3-4 first days just rides in the evening while in the early, the heat is lost.

Typhus fever in the early days almost invariably starts with a temperature not too high. So, if the first day's body temperature has been around 39-40°C with shaking chills, almost certainly, it's not a typhus. Typhus is recently suspected when has been running for 4-5 days or more.

Fever on the first day suddenly high is usually caused by a virus such as influenza or dengue fever. Of course, there are many other infectious diseases the temperature is similar to typhoid or viral infections.

In Indonesia can be said that 90% of sudden high fevers are caused by a virus. Therefore, the fever that has suffered more than 2-3 days should consult a doctor as necessary to determine the cause. In our country, one of the causes very concerned is dengue fever that happens at the end of the rainy season.

When various early attempts to reduce fever aren't successful, the patient may be given febrifuge which also has properties to reduce pain, stiffness, and headaches.

The drug of first choice is paracetamol sold under various trade names. According to Ministry of Health regulations, all the-counter medicines should write the generic name under the trade name listed under "contents".

However, it should be remembered. When the symptom is just a fever, it's not allowed to use paracetamol mixed with other active ingredients such as for colds, coughs, and so on. The addition of other materials, besides no use, also makes drugs more expensive. Not to mention if effects the sides, it'd be redundant.

Other drugs also good are ibuprofen because effective and safe. Perhaps, it's not so well known by people.

Aspirin isn't recommended when the patient's stomach can't stand because of the nature of the acid. Aspirin in a dose of one tablet for adult causes blood become dilute. Bleeding, as in menstruation or injury, will be difficult to stop because the blood can't clot.

Aspirin isn't recommended when the cause of the fever is a virus, especially in children, because aspirin is associated with fatal complication called Reye syndrome.

Another option that doesn't include class of free drug is mefenamic acid known to the public as Ponstan. This drug isn't justified to purchase at drug stores or pharmacies, having to wear prescription.

Such as informed, free drug packaging is marked with a green or blue circle while prescription drug is a red circle.

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