Eggs, Man's Best Friend of All Time

As a source of nutrition, the egg has all the nutrients the body needs. For a domestic chicken's egg weighing 50 g, you've consumed 6.3 g of protein, 0.6 g of carbohydrate, 5 g of fat, 275 mg of cholesterol, plus some vitamins and minerals.

The protein is high-quality and easily digested, and contains all the essential amino acids the body needs in a complete and balanced amount and composition. Its prowess is only surpassed by breast milk.

Almost all vitamins present in eggs, especially the yolk. Eggs are also the second largest natural source of vitamin D after the fish oil. Therefore, it's not wrong if the mothers are always keen to encourage their children to love eggs for bone growth.

Mineral contents in the egg are so full up like a factory-made multivitamin.

Although the nutritional efficacy is no doubt, the adults usually view the eggs with trepidation. Cholesterol content in the egg, especially the yolk, is feared to raise the blood cholesterol. Being careful isn't wrong too.

However, Dr. Wanda Howell and colleagues from the University of Arizona, USA, brought good news for fans of the egg. She and her team did a statistical analysis of 224 studies on the relationship between diet and blood cholesterol level over the last 25 years.

In conclusion, the most influencing cholesterol level in the blood isn't the cholesterol contained in food but saturated fats in the diet. That is, rather than fear of eggs, it's better horrified, for example, of the foods fried in saturated oils.

Therefore, if you buff eggs and have a normal blood cholesterol level, these tips can be followed:

1. Cook an egg without oil. It can be boiled, baked, or fried on a nonstick frying pan.

2. Eat eggs with other low-fat dish.

For those who have a problem with cholesterol, consult with your doctor or follow the conservative advice: restrict 1-2 eggs a week.

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