Dismissed Myths about Yoga

Yoga can be for anyone, not something complicated and for certain circles. Physically, Yoga will help improve muscle tone and bone strength. Even Yoga can help cure certain diseases. It can also lose weight.

There are many benefits of Yoga unfortunately obscured by the myths surrounding it. What are the myths? In the book Siapa Bilang Yoga itu Sulit, Connie Siska exposed.

Yoga isn't for fat people.

This myth is clearly wrong. Precisely, by practicing Yoga postures regularly and offset with healthy diet, it'll lose weight. If you're new to Yoga, practice with an experienced Yoga trainer who can choose Yoga postures to suit your body shape.

Yoga is an acrobat.

This opinion is a nonsense that makes people so afraid and hesitant to practice Yoga. Comments like this may appear due to see the cover of a Yoga book that shows, for example, the Yoga position with the head down and legs folded over.

Indeed, there's such a posture. It's just that for those already advanced, performed by those who have practiced Yoga for years. At first, they also practiced with a simple posture far from the stunt action. Furthermore, with regular exercise, the body muscle will get stronger, the level of flexibility increases, and they'll be able to do more complicated Yoga postures.

Yoga is just for healthy young people.

Once again, it must be stressed that Yoga can be done by anyone: old, young, man, woman, healthy, or having health problems. Of course, Yoga postures will be adapted to each person. By practicing Yoga on a regular basis, health problems will gradually recover.

In some Western countries like the U.S., it had done a lot of research by health experts about the benefits of Yoga. Even Yoga has been applied as a supplement in the treatment of a disease.

There are many other myths about Yoga. We have much to study further. In essence, try first because experienced trainers will teach step by step from simple postures.

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