Come, We Walk!

Exercise is good for health of body and soul. All of people admit. Unfortunately, the desire to do so is often just a sheer. There is no time is the reason often expressed as activities from morning to night are used up for domestic affairs.

For the sake of health, we could steal a time to exercise, either in the morning or late afternoon. It's just half an hour. Hopefully, it's an hour or more. It's no need to go to the pool, tennis court, golf course, or fitness center. We don't need an opponent to play. It just needs an intention and a pair of sport shoes comfortable to run.

The most inexpensive sport good and safe to increase some endurance and maintain some health is walking. Walking is beneficial for the heart, lungs, and immune system as a whole. Why? Leg, arm, and torso muscle activities cause the body to need more oxygen.

It's not recommended to exercise immediately after eating. You see, we need a lot of oxygen to digest some food at that time. It's sorry for cardiac if it's stimulated to supply some oxygen for sport activities as well. You'd wait for 1-1½ hours.

In order for effective walking exercise, do it at least three times a week, each at least 30 minutes.

Walking in a hiking place is more intense. It requires more power and energy as compared to run on a flat place. For people with heart disease, it's better to choose the path in a flat place.

Running faster also requires more power and energy than slower. If we wanted to increase the intensity but not to run faster, we could run longer.

Before starting walking, do a warm-up by moving the muscles, and arm, leg, and hip joints for 5-7 minutes.

After the walk, do the cooling by stretching the same muscles and joints for 5-7 minutes.

Begin walking at a normal pace during the first 5 minutes then speed up gradually over 20 minutes or more. Before stopping, slow the pace for 5 minutes. Over time, we may feel running for ½ hour a day isn't enough. We could improve the longevity or intensity.

Any sport isn't good beyond measure. So, stop if you feel one of these complaints: shortness of breath, palpitations, dizzy eyes, nausea, and chest, jaw, neck, left arm, or leg pains. Immediately, consult a doctor.

Sport results will be felt a few weeks later. Even, your high blood pressure and weight can go down.

A healthy person feels his life more comfortable, can work better, and has a greater durability. So, don't wait anymore. Let's execute our intention to exercise!

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