Come on, Understand Your Food Menu!

On one occasion, you were having dinner at a famous restaurant. Did the question arise inside yourself whether you understood the content of what is on the menu to eat? A question that feels a bit awkward because we're accustomed to question about good or not is the food, or how the price is. Is that right?

Unilever Food Solution invited us to be aware and understand what we want to eat. They announced the results of their research of World Menu Report on the increasing consumer demand for the information content of a menu of food served by the food service industry. This research was conducted in six countries, namely the UK, United States, China, Brazil, Russia, and Turkey.

Respondents didn't only want to know the information content of the food, they also wanted transparency what in their food, ranging from food sources, also security. This information in turn affects consumer decision in choosing foods when eating outside the home.

The three main things they wanted to know while eating outdoors were a source of food, how the food was made, and the value of the nutrients contained in the food. Plus two thirds of respondents wanted the labels of low fat, low salt, and low in calories listed on the menu. Here may be unfamiliar and yet many people asking questions about the menu.

"As the development of a healthy lifestyle, guests often ask me directly about the materials I use." Said Chef Muchtar Alamsyah, better known as Chef Tatang, the Executive Chef at D'Consulate Dining Lounge, Jakarta.

That could be drawn from the results of this study, according to Adam Djokovic, Managing Director of Unilever Food Solution Indonesia, was the need for the food industry to discuss the transparency of the content of their food products.

The transparency is intended that the food industry isn't only achieving commercial objectives but also helps consumers to satisfy guests with healthy, nutritious, and tasty food.

Well, as a guest of the restaurant, do you want to know more about what contained in your diet? Don't be afraid to ask about it!

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