Boost Appetite when the Child Is Sick

The weather lately seems to make the immune system decrease, so many of us fall sick, especially the children very vulnerable and easily hurt. Only drugs from doctors we believe to cure sick children.

Such as medicine, food has a great influence on the healing process. Many studies have shown, sick children will recover more quickly when eating regularly and well nourished.

The problem is, at the time of sickness, generally appetite dropped dramatically. To overcome this, there are several ways you can do.

Avoid fried foods or a lot of coconut milk.

Eating fried foods or coconut milk tends to cause a sensation of nausea and want to vomit for the sick. So is the food too much seasoning. To it, try serving food with boil, or a little more seasoning or coconut milk.

Serve food with an attractive appearance.

In order to compensate for decreased appetite, try the presentation as interesting as possible. For example, provide a space of side dishes with a variety of cute pictures, scoop with flag handle, or quail egg presentation like satay punctures.

Serve in small portions and often.

The amount of given food should be in small amounts but the frequency is more. Immediately, give food when the child asks although it's not the time to eat.

Create a pleasant atmosphere.

Provide special time to share or tell stories while the child is eating. That way, the child's suffering will be a lot less.

Expand food with high energy content.

Research shows that when a child is sick, it increases in energy and protein needs. Therefore, multiply feeding many energy content such as fruit juice, pudding, etc. Meanwhile, to meet the protein needs, it's being given high-protein foods shaped somewhat liquid such as egg or meat soup, etc.

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