Watch Violent Shows in Video Games

There are two baits thrown by the producer in order for his production movie is watchable: sexuality and violence. Parents tend to block the first but rarely or not at all for the second, though "the danger" is no less serious.

More than a decade ago, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, two students of Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, USA, shot 11 colleagues and a teacher to death on 20 April 1999. Information obtained from his friend, Dylan Klebold could take many hours playing games classified as violence like Doom, Quake, and Redneck Rampage.

Did those games trigger the two students? There are many factors that must be studied.

However, "Play the game is intense. There's a target, either dropping or killing opponents. If done for years, the show could be a stimulus to do." Said Prof. Dr. Fawzia Aswin Hadis.

Moreover, further analysis found that Klebold and Harris inferiority toward peers who excelled in the field of athletics encouraged them to demonstrate virility with play guns.

The researchers also suggested the video game offered a more powerful aggression in children compared to the spectacle on TV because it was much more alive and interactive, not just observed as on TV.

Impressions of violence is easy to attract children's attention. They can survive watching the action movie shows not far from violent elements. Elements of suspense are into the spice that makes the child addicted.

The problem is, violence aired on TV doesn't only appear in cartoons, films, series, and soap operas, scenes of violence also appear on almost all the news, especially crime news. Private TVs in Indonesia are sometimes more "ruthless" in describing the victims of violence such as blood spills or clicking a close-up of victims.

So, parents shouldn't be fooled by simply censoring sexual scenes such as kiss. Scenes of violence ranging shot, cheek slap, shrieks and screams, blood, and thumpers should also be censored.

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