Tricks to Pick Tomatoes

Tomatoes are as an integral part in the cooking world because many menus that use tomatoes as a flavoring. Here are tips to select and store tomato.

In the market, there are several types of tomatoes.

Vegetable tomato, it shapes round with a diameter of 3 cm usually used for cooking. This type of tomato is sometimes sold in a ripe or unripe state with the fruit skin still green. Compared to ripe tomatoes, the green tomatoes have a more acidic taste.

Fruit tomato, it is eaten just as fruit, has an oval-shaped with a diameter greater than vegetable tomato.

Cherry tomato, it is a cute, small, cherry-like fruit. It is sweet and juicy. This type of tomato can just be found in large supermarkets.

When buying tomatoes, select a full round fruit, no part of bruises. Its skin should be smooth, not wrinkled. When you want the ripe tomatoes, scent the bud section. It should smell of tomato aroma.

You might buy tomatoes as well in bulk so that there are supplies when needed. When did that, store ripe tomatoes in a cool place and not exposed to the sun with the position of the bud facing upwards. With this kind of storage, tomatoes can be retained for long periods. When the stored tomatoes are still raw, wrap tomato with paper and store in refrigerator. Usually, tomatoes can hold for two weeks.

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