Tips on Eating Wisely

For those who want to have an "ideal" body weight or diet to get the ideal body, here are some some tips to eat wisely.

Avoid "the starving". For that, eat regularly at any time the main meals, i.e. morning, noon, and night. In between meals, snacking is okay but choose a healthy snacks, for example, of vegetables or fruit.

Chew food carefully. By chewing food carefully, edible portion would be less because the stomach is feeling full.

Use plates and bowls. By serving food in standard-sized plates and bowls, the food portions could be measured.

Don't take at the same time. When taking food, take small portions first. Don't take all at once because you'll feel pressure to spend it.

Begin with a warm soup. Eating hot soup will make the stomach feel full to suppress appetite. Pick a clear soup or a tomato-based because this soup isn't high in calorie, while the cream soup is usually high in calorie because it's rich in fat.

Concentrate on food. At meal times, you should concentrate on foods. Don't do it while watching television, playing games, or reading. So, you will be more aware of what and how much eaten.

Finish off with a glass of water. After a full stomach with a portion in accordance with, end with a glass of water or fruit. Don't do it with juice or other sweet desserts.

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