Men Three Times More Vulnerable of Liver Cancer

O men, read carefully this article. Compared with women, you're more susceptible to liver cancer. Unmitigatedly, the ratio of male patients is tripled, even reaching six times, compared with female patients. Horrified? But, that's the result of a study of 632,000 cases of liver cancer diagnosed in the world.

Why so? Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Indonesia, Prof. dr. Ali Sulaiman, Ph.D. Sp.PD-KGEH, explained hormonal and behavioral differences of men unleashed liver cancer. The habit of night out turned out to have a big effect on the entry of viruses of hepatitises A or B. Plus, the immune system of men are weaker than women.

Liver cancer dubbed as the silent killer positions the third in the cancer realm of death. In Asia Pacific, for example, the figure reaches 396,000 annually. It's called the silent killer because it usually doesn't show specific symptoms. If there are symptoms, 40% more is nonspecifically diagnosed.

That way, it's good to be sensitive to symptoms such as weight loss, continuous loss of appetite, pain around the right shoulder, jaundice, and unusual fatigue. These things bode to go to the entrance of liver cancer.

For countries in Asia and Africa, these symptoms are most triggered by chronic infection with hepatitis B whereas in Europe and Japan are by hepatitis C. The other risk factors include obesity, diabetes, smoking and alcohol consumption, as well as long-term exposure to aflatoxin.

It took a long time from infection to the liver cancer. As revealed in the seminar, "Improving Life Expectancy of Liver Cancer Patients with Targeted Therapy," it turned out chronic infection with hepatitises A and B can develop into liver cancer over a period of 15-20 years.

Liver cancer treatment is based on the type and stage of cancer and the patient's liver function. If the stage of the cancer of patients is still under 4 cm, some measures such as surgical removal of the tumor, liver transplantation, and treatment using high-frequency electrical can be performed. When the cancer stage is above 4 cm or locally advanced, palliative treatment (targeted therapy), better known as sorafenib, is the solution.

"Targeted therapy works by inhibiting a molecule that helps the growth and development of cancer. Although not a total cure, but the treatment can increase the life expectancy of patients." Said Prof. Ali.

Based on clinical trials of Sorafenib Assessment Randomized Protocol, median of overall survival was 10.7 months compared with placebo. Due to very large effect on the patient's liver condition, 1 item of sorafenib drug is priced at Rp 450,000. Every day, patients are encouraged to drink four times. Sorafenib treatment duration isn't specified because it depends on the condition of the patient.

O men, you realize now?

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