Instead of Carbohydrates Causes Obesity

Many people suspect food sources of carbohydrates as a cause of obesity. According to them, the rice as a source of carbohydrates stimulates insulin to form fat.

This suspicion is groundless because actually this process is normal that causes the body's cells get the energy your body needs to move. But, if these carbohydrates were intaken excessively, the body would deposit in the form of fat.

Carbohydrates are of two kinds, i.e. complex carbohydrates such as rice, noodles, bread, and pasta; and simple carbohydrates such as sugar and other sweets. Well, these simple carbohydrates are high in calorie content which can lead to obesity.

Meanwhile, complex carbohydrates are usually derived from plants low in fat and calorie. However, these carbohydrates can be high in calorie when mixed with fat such as cooking oil or margarine, dairy butter, and so on. If the carbohydrate was only processed into white rice, of course, it's safe.

A study also showed that those with low-carb diets tended to be greedy at meals that the calorie intake was high.

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