Chocolate Makes the Heart Happy

It seems no one doesn't know chocolate that tastes sweet and soft in the mouth. Adolescents' favorite snacks who have a Latin name Theobroma cacao are mentioned that can also improve mood.

From around 400 chemical compounds, including vitamins and minerals owned by cocoa powder, there's phenylethylamine compound that can increase the absorption of tryptophan into the brain. This increased uptake results dopamine able to improve mood. Also, the magnesium and carbohydrate contents can increase the levels of serotonin in the brain.

Funnily enough, chocolate efficacy in improving mood is felt by women more than men.

Intend to eat chocolate to relieve boredom? Dark chocolate which the level of cocoa powder is above 60% would be giving a positive benefit for both mood and general health than commonly circulating milk/white chocolate which has a mixture of milk and sugar much more.

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