Boiled Soy Milkfish


* 1 milkfish
* 1 tsp. of tamarind
* 3 large red chilies
* 15 pcs of cayenne pepper
* 1 finger vertebra of turmeric
* 5 red onions
* 2 pcs of keluak
* 5 bay leaves
* 1 cm of galangal, crushed
* 5 tbsp. of soy sauce
* 5 cups of water
* Salt

How to make:

* Fish is discarded from the entrails and gills.
* Cut milkfish into 5 sections.
* With satai puncture, prick red pepper, red onion, turmeric, and rounded tamarind. Bake for a while so fragrant.
* Remove seasonings from satai skewers. Peel saffron and crush.
* Put in the bottom of the pan: bay leaves, galangal, chilies, onions, turmeric, tamarind, keluak contents. Give soy sauce and water. Bring to a boil.
* Insert pieces of milkfish. Cook continually until the milkfish is lightly browned. The water is occasionally added so that ended up being 2½ cups.
* If the seasoning is already pervasive, taste. It may need salt. Enter intact chilies as well.
* Boiled soy milkfish is more palatable next day or even the next day again.

For 5 servings.

Nutritional facts per serving:

* Calorie: 142 kcal
* Protein: 21 g
* Fat: 5.1 g
* Carbohydrate: 2.3 g
* Cholesterol: 52 mg
* Fiber: 0.06  g

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