There are many types of bananas with different shapes and colors though almost all are yellow when ripe. Banana with the Latin name Musa paradisiaca of the Musaceae family is grouped into two categories based on the consumption ways. Firstly are bananas consumed in fresh form. Secondly are bananas consumed after being processed.

Antioxidants in banana are high, particularly beta-carotene. Energy in banana is instant making it useful in providing instantaneous calorie needs. Carbohydrate in banana is complex. Banana also contains vitamins B complex, C, and E, also folic acid, iodine, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and tryptophan.

Vitamins A, C, and B6 contained in banana can boost immunity against infection.

Tryptophan contained in banana can improve mood naturally and reduce premenstrual syndrome. The vitamin B6 helps reduce feeling of depression in women during menstruation. The calcium can correct menstrual cycle.

Potassium helps regulate fluid and electrolyte balance so that the blood pressure is under control. The fiber that binds fats can prevent the formation of plaque that affects blood pressure rise.

Vitamin C and flavonoid in banana prevent oxidation of fats, the cause of heart disease. The potassium is a good tonic for the heart. The pectin fiber takes effect in helping lower cholesterol.

Pregnant women are advised to eat bananas because the folic acid is easily absorbed by fetus.

It also contains iron. Two bananas every day are enough to make people with anemia saved.

Bananas have antacid properties as well as easy to digest so well taken by patients with impaired gastric acid. Research in the U.K. on experimental animals fed with bananas, the stomach wall became stronger. For that, choose a sweet banana like plantain. Banana fibers unleash on defecation. The vitamin B6 helps relieve the symptoms of diarrhea.

Complex carbohydrates don't raise glucose level drastically, are also low in fat making it safe for weight loss program participants provided bananas aren't processed in the form of banana milk shake, banana fritters, or compote. Banana fiber is as well on weight loss as expediting the process of metabolism.

Potassium in bananas smooths function of the nervous system and regulates the acid alkaline balance. Increased metabolism affects the health of the skin.

People with diabetes shouldn't eat too many bananas that taste sweet like plantain because the fructose content was high enough.

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