Water Spinach

Vegetables quite popular among the people of Indonesia was derived from India. This vegetable is usually panned granted, or made a menu now fairly well known: Water Spinach Hotplate. Once washed, water spinach is just placed on a hotplate (hot iron dish) which has been given a hot beef gravy or seafood sauce. In an instant, water spinach was cooked. It tasted, hmmm, delicious!

Water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica of the Convolvulaceae family) is a wild plant that likes the watery, muddy, or dry land, to get sufficient sunlight. That is why, there are two types of water spinach, namely land water-spinach and water water-spinach. The difference between the two lies in the flower color, leaf shape, and stem. Land water-spinach has long leaves with a pointed tip, whereas water water-spinach has rather blunt ends.

The content of vitamin A in water spinach is very high, reaching 6,300 IU, antioxidant that can ward off cancer-causing free radicals and premature aging. In addition, spinach is also high in fiber and contains phosphorus, iron, hentriacontane, and the sitosterol. Thanks to the owned contents, water spinach is potential as well as antitoxin, anti-inflammatory, sedative, and diuretics.

When cooked, take the leaves and stems young and having high coarse fiber, it can prevent constipation.

According to a health expert from the Philippines, Herminia de Guzman Ladion, armed with vitamin contents such as A, B, and C, plus minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, carotene, and iron, water spinach has a calming effect on the nervous system so the consumers feel relaxed and sleep well. It can be used to treat insomnia.

With its diuretic, water spinach launches urinate so good for kidney health.

Because water spinach is often planted on the banks of rivers and ditches, it should be washed thoroughly before used. If not cooked immediately, put the water spinach in a covered container and store in the refrigerator so that all the vitamins and nutrients can be retained.

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