Want to Slim? Do Not Rush

Slim and healthy body would be the desire of every woman. Many ways have been taken, from the diet, liposuction, up to insanely fasting, but often not successful and even make your appetite increase.

Loosing weight too quickly without expert supervision can pose many risks, among others: loss of muscle mass.

When the shortage of energy, the body will utilize the muscles to generate energy. Why is that? Body fat is not an effective energy reserves so that the body will use it as the last backup.

The loss of muscle mass causes a slowing metabolism. This causes the weight will easily go up again when the food intake back to a regular diet.

The skin can be loosened when the body loses weight quickly. Although the skin is elastic, the stretching and contracting process is running slow. The rapid weight loss causes the skin does not have time to adapt so looks loose and hanging. This is evident in the abdominal and arms areas.

The muscle loss also means the loss of body water reserves because the main component of muscle is water. Someone who loses large amounts of weight will usually limit the intake of water. Dehydration will cause various problems such as dizziness, lack of energy, kidney stones, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Losing weight quickly will disrupt the balance of cholesterol and bile salts in the gallbladder causing the formation of gallstones.

Hair can fall out. As known, the hair needs protein to grow healthy. Restricting calorie drastically is usually limiting protein intake. Lack of protein causes the body to use the existing proteins more to the function of the vital organs of the body, thus, compromising hair health.

Still, you have to consume foods with varied types in order to obtain a complete intake of nutrients. Limit energy intake from fat, especially saturated fat. Increase your intake of vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, and beans, and limit intake of sugar and salt.

Do not be tempted to lose weight too drastically because results the loss of muscle energy reserves and water so that the body will decrease the metabolic rate. This results barriers to burn in the body calories. When eating returns to the original pattern, the body will take calories to store in fat cells for inventory so the weight will be gained back.

Focus on the change in behavior to achieve the realistic results for the long term, not to run weekly.

Do not stop the consumption of certain foods because will cause the dieter secretly to eat. It's better to limit the consumption with the thought, "I know that I should eat them, but must I?" It is better to replace with a similar type of low-fat foods.

When have had enough to eat or have been satisfied by a particular dish, immediately, stop taking them. Do not keep eating until the stomach feels solid.

Make changes to your diet gradually. Little-by-little changes are easier than the drastic changes. Start by leaving a little food on the plate, or choose water over soft drinks.

Increase activities, for example, by walking or cycling to work, walking up and down stairs several times a day while at work, walking around shopping places, or becoming a member of fitness center or sports teams.

You want to be slim more than anything else in the world, and yet, you find yourself eating things that make you fat. You are determined to stick to a healthy eating plan, but chocolate, crisps, and biscuits keep "talking to you".

The more you try to control your eating, the more out of control you get. You feel addicted to food, scared, helpless, and hopeless.

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