Sweet Starfruit

This five-ribbed yellow fruit is widely grown by people in the yard. In addition to function as a conditioning tree, the fruit is also enjoyable. However, starfruit grown in the garden is usually not as large as the fruit yielded by farmers. I do not know whether the varieties are different or because it needs more care. When sweet starfruit having the Latin name Averrhoa carambola from the Oxilidaceae family is cut transversely, it shapes like a star. Whatever you call it, definitely, this fruit when it is ripe has a sweet and refreshing taste. It is fitted to be eaten in hot weather.

Sweet carambola is a fruit rich in vitamins A and C, and potassium. Also noteworthy is the fiber, especially pectin fiber, beneficial to the health of blood vessels.

For some reason, this fruit is often recommended to be consumed by people with hypertension. Likely, it is because this fruit is rich in potassium which makes the consumer urinating frequently so that the blood pressure is controlled. In addition, the fiber contained, especially pectin, is able to absorb fats so it would help lower blood pressure.

Thanks to the content of pectin which is a coarse fiber, cholesterol and bile acids will be bound by this fiber from getting into the blood vessels. As a result, the level of cholesterol in the body declines.

Fruit having a lot of water and containing potassium is efficacious to facilitate urination problems and does not allow the formation of kidney stones as well as nourishing the kidney.

This fruit that contains lots of water, the calorie level is very low making it is suitable to be consumed by those trying to lose weight. Fibers contained in starfruit also play a major role in digestion so there is no constipation.

Anti-inflammatory efficacy contained in the starfruit is good for helping liver disorders.

Carambola can also help reduce fever and overcome sore throat. All thanks to a lot of water content.

Choose ripe fruit. The fruit is yellow. Because if it was still young, the fruit was sour.