Sex Makes Slim

For those abstinent in sex, do not continue reading this article. But before switching pages, it helps to know a bit of the following facts, that regular sexual activity turns physiological benefits. Of course with a record you are not hit of sexual transmitted diseases.

The physiological advantages was supposed to make people not lazy to have sex, of course with their partner, also gave the sense that sexual pleasure was not merely ejaculation and orgasm.

The benefits of sexual intercourse with a person's health had arisen in the minds of the researchers. For example, researchers at Queens University in Belfast who conducted a study to determine a relationship between a person's health and frequency of sexual intercourse. The study included mortality data of 1,000 middle-aged men for a decade. Environmental, age and health aspects were also considered.

The result was disseminated through the British Medical Journal in 1997. The conclusion was that men who had a high frequency of orgasm had the lower death rate by half than those who had a bit frequency of orgasm.

Not only that, several studies had tried to explore and complete the relationship matter between the pleasure of the world with the culprit health. Apparently, there were a lot of positive facts behind sexual intercourse.

Want to know what the facts are?

After sex, production of the prolactin hormone increases. This will cause stem cells in the brain to form new neurons in the olfactory center.

In 2001, Queens University did research with a focus on heart health. The result was that men who engaged in sexual activity three times or more a week had a risk factor for heart attack a half lower than those not active sexually.

Hmm, for those who want to streamline, the news really make the heart cool. Like the proverb, 'Kill two birds with one stone', that is with sexual activity. Sexual activity can be classified as a sport, an exciting game that can burn calories by 200 kcal. It is equal with run for 15 minutes on a treadmill or play squash one game.

Not only burning calories, heart rate increases from 70 beats per minute to 120 beats per minute. Muscle contractions during sex occur in the pelvis, thighs, buttocks, arms, neck and lungs. Sex also makes the production of testosterone increase, which resulting into strong bones and muscles.

If this could be maximized, then the Men's Health magazine might lose readers.

An American psychologist, Gordon Gallup, reported that in women having sex with a partner not wearing a condom were rarely affected by depression than women having sex with a man wearing it. The key is in prostaglandin, a hormone found only in the seminal fluid. The hormone is absorbed in the female genital tract, and subsequently influences of female hormones regulating emotions. But, it should be taken into account about the fertile period if you did not want to conceive of the conducted activity.

Immediately after orgasm, level of the oxytocin hormone increases five times compared to normal conditions. This hormone is associated with the deliverance of endorphins alleviating any pain, ranging from headaches, arthritis, to migraine. In women, sex also helps the production of estrogen able to reduce pain caused by premenstrual syndrome.

So, if there is no paracetamol, you already know the replacement, right?

Wilkes University in Pennsylvania stated that sexual activity once or twice a week could increase the level of antibody known as immunoglobulin to 30%. Immunoglobulin is known as an immune system booster.

Ever heard of kegel exercise? Conscious or not, every time you hold urine, actually have been doing kegel exercise. It turns out that the same happens when you have sex! But, if you stopped urinating, there were bad effects. If you engaged in sexual intercouse?

Seminal plasma contains zinc, calcium, and other minerals that it can slow down tooth decay, but not there the sex usability in making better teeth. It was teaching of the parents, i.e., before having fun, you had to brush the teeth, making the teeth better.

Some urologists argued that there was no relationship between frequency of ejaculation with prostate cancer. The rationale is roughly like this, to produce seminal fluid, the prostate and seminal bubble require materials from the blood as zinc, citric acid, and potassium, then compact it. All carcinogens existing in the blood are as well solidified. Rather than being stored even makes the case, it is better the carcinogens are issued. Well, sex can resolve this matter. If you just wanted to remove it, masturbation might be the best way.

However, the key is not in the sexual relationship. You see, men having sex with multiple partners are precisely the risk of developing prostate cancer rises to 40%. Recent research published by the British Journal of Urology International asserted than men in their 20s could reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer by one-third to ejaculate more than five times a week.

The benefits might not noticed when we were not experiencing health problems. It could even be ignored. In intercourse, the important thing is the delish. Another case if there were obstacles in sexual intercourse. Weak erection is one of them.

Dr. J. Francois Eid, a urologist at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University and New York Presbyterian Hospital, observed that erectile dysfunction was related to the vascular system. Limp body should be the marker that you had a disruption in the system of blood vessels in the body.

"It could be a sign of high blood pressure or diabetes or increased cholesterol level. It had a red light that it's time to see a doctor."

Sport can be used as an entry point to avoid problems.

"Men who exercise will have a good heart and fit. Usually, they have a good erection. So, there is a relationship between blood circulation and erection."

But, is there a problem if too much sex?

For women, the answer is probably not problematic. For a man? Think first using logic.

According to Dr. Claire Bailey of the University of Bristol, little or no risk at all for women in overdose in the matter of sex. In fact, said Claire, regular sexual activity not only made solid stomach and buttocks, but also improved her posture.

Dr. George Winch Jr., a gynecologist in Nevada, agreed with Claire.

"As long as there is no sexual disease or disorder of pregnancy, for example."

Indeed, sometimes it arises the problem in term of lubrication. If not anticipated, this will lead to injury of the vaginal walls.

Precisely, women absent to have sex will be blocked by some risks. In postmenopausal women, one of the risk is vaginal atrophy or vaginal narrowing. Dr. Winch had a middle-aged patient who for three years did not have intercourse activity.

"Not interested," reasoned the woman.

Her pussy was narrowed as unused. This condition can cause dyspareunia, or pain during intercourse. Winch recommended to his patient to buy a vibrator or she would lose the function of the vagina as a sexual organ.

For men, urologist Eid said that for the time being men were spoiled by supportive drugs such as Viagra and Levitra that made the man could last longer. The penis itself is a very resilient organ, but something definitely has its limit. Forming tissues of the penis when loaded continuously can result in injury. It could even cause permanent damage.

"Yes, it is possible for young people who are very passionate and love rough sexual activity, their penis can be broken. Drugs can increase the hardness of the penis; especially, these drugs can also allow men obtain a second or third orgasms without waiting for a break."

Ball players often use doping drugs. They use Viagra because sexually they are very active. What they expect from their bodies do not make sense. Quite often, they do not want to listen to the voice of the body that has been exhausted. Instead of rest, the fatigue was confronted with cortisone and the activity continued.