This fruit is a round shape with yellow skin, although there is also green. Orange is much sought after, whether it's local or imported. Perhaps, because this fruit is believed rich in vitamin C good for health. Sweet orange familiar to us has the Latin name citrus sinensis from the rutaceae family.

Indonesia has many centers of citrus groves. Call it in the area around Pontianak famous for its Siamese oranges and around Medan famous for its Medanese oranges.

The content of vitamin C in oranges is high enough so no wonder this fruit is regarded as one of the best sources of antioxidants. Citrus fiber on its own is included in the type soluble in water, namely pectin.

In addition to vitamin C that can increase endurance, flavonoids in citrus is an antivirus that can inhibit the release of histamine. So, those suffering from colds need to eat lots of oranges to accelerate healing.

It had done research on humans not given vitamin C intake for 3 - 5 months. As a result, their mouths were full of canker sores. Therefore, citrus rich in vitamin C is often touted as a natural remedy of anti-thrush.

Sweet orange is potent in preventing cancer due to the carotenoid content that acts as a source of vitamin A. The monoterpenes compound even has two advantages, namely to protect cells from cancer and fight.

Carotenoids in citrus can also prevent cardiovascular disease. Oranges are also a potential source of folic acid which can lower homocysteine levels so that the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced. The content of vitamin C prevents oxidation of LDL resulting in the formation of plaque in the heart vessels. Pectin and flavonoids in oranges also help lower LDL cholesterol and raise levels of "good" HDL cholesterol.

Vitamin C in oranges can prevent infertility in men by preventing DNA damage in sperm. The fiber also prevents constipation.

Homemade orange juice is better because surely without preservatives and dyes. In addition, bottle juice through a pasteurization process will lose its vitamin C content.

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