Mung Beans

Most of us certainly know the small green bean named mung bean which is often used as porridge, dumplings content, bakpia, or es puter. Even sprouts are also derived from the mung bean undergoing a process of germination.

Mung bean, which the Latin name is vigna radiata of the fabaceae family, is considered as a source of nutrient-dense foods. Not surprisingly, in a variety of growth monitoring sessions and the other nutrition-improved activities, what served has always been mung beans.

Mung beans are included in foodstuffs with high digestibility. That's why mung beans are suitable to give to infants who are already given complementary feeding, and the elderly. In addition to fiber, mung beans contain vitamin B complex, provitamin A, iron, calcium, and phosphorus.

Mung beans as an anemia "cure" have been known for a long time, However, not all anemias can be helped by mung beans, only anemia due to iron deficiency. According to Taslimah's research, the iron content in mung beans is the highest among other nuts.

Hereditarily, pregnant women are often reminded to diligently eat mung beans. This suggestion is true because mung beans are rich in proteins required for cell growth, including hair cells. That is why often infants of mothers who diligently consume mung beans have bushy hair.

Babies who start consuming complementary feeding if given the mung beans, their growth would be maximized as vitamin B complex. This vitamin helps smooth the digestion process so that more nutrients are absorbed.

High in fiber combined to unsaturated fat make mung beans suitable to consume by those who want to lose weight.

The content of fiber in mung beans can absorb the fat so does not form plaques causing heart attacks and strokes. The fat is unsaturated, touted to lower cholesterol. Experimental animals fed mung beans, total cholesterol, "bad" LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides were down.

The contents of calcium and phosphorus are kind for bone health, including bone growth in children, and strengthen bones and teeth.

Organic Mung Beans are the cousin to the Adzuki Bean. They can be sprouted and used in stir-frys, on salads or for raw sprouted soups. Delicious just as they are or with a dressing.

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