Knowing the Condition of the Baby with Infant Massage

Often found, parents in small increments bring baby to the doctor for treatment, though there are some illnesses suffered by babies without needing to be taken to the doctor, also given the drug. Diseases that make the baby does not feel comfortable as fever due to teething, congestion due to mucus, colic, also stress, are just done by massaging correctly to handle. Performing regular infant massage can address the symptoms of the disease easily without the need to go to the doctor, especially give the drug.

When the babies were teething, they were not quiet, grumpy, because they felt sick. It's time for parents to give comfort by massaging their bodies. Massage the palms and soles. Embrace your baby while rubbing its back many times so as to make it feel comfortable. When massaged, the baby's body will produce endorphins and oxytocin which will relieve pain and make it comfortable.

Babies will also feel bad when the nose is blocked, but they have not been able to remove the mucus themselves. With massaging slowly around the chest, also around the face and nostrils, it will help the baby to breathe easier. With massage, baby is also helped to remove mucus.

Infants who develop colic, their bodies felt very uncomfortable. It certainly makes them cranky and not calm down. We all breathe air while eating and drinking. Colic occurs because the baby's digestive system is not perfect. The air in the stomach or small intestine is not easy to come out, so that made it feel uncomfortable. The right position when the baby is eating and after eating can prevent colic. The trick is to keep the baby's back remaining upright while eating and after eating.

If babies were having colic, lay them on the floor with towel pedestal. Give a massage on its stomach to help remove the gas. Massage with both hands alternately toward the bottom right side of the abdominal area between the hips and the lower ribs to the bottom of the navel. Make your massage fun so that its stomach does not feel hard anymore. Perform well to the left side of the abdomen.

When massaging your baby, do not be stiff and touch it hesitantly. If you are tense, baby will come strained. Try to relax and be confident. Wipe, squeeze, and rub softly and lightly. Next, you will be able to do it intuitively.

The best time for massaging is between meals when the baby is not hungry and overfed. After a shower is a great time to massage, or during the day when the baby is relaxed and responsive. The atmosphere is not noisy, pretty quiet, and comfortable. Perform regular massage time, for example, after a bath. It makes your baby understand and get used.

Baby's skin is very sensitive. To the selection of oils to massage, keep in mind: choose which does not make allergies, and is not hard flavorful, let alone make it feel the heat. The oil can be used including olive oil, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, which can be found in aromatherapy store or baby store.

Wash hands before the massage, and make sure the hands are not cold. Remove the jewelry so as not to hurt the baby.

Concentrate when massaging with a regular rhythm. No need to worry. Concentrate to your hands on being massaging.

Babies should not be massaged if they were sick. They did not need the massage. They just needed to sleep and be picked up, unless the massage was done to eliminate the pain.

Do not massage the baby when they are sleeping, or wake it for a massage. Massage the baby if it wanted. Do not massage the baby if the baby's body is wounded, bruised, swollen, and inflamed. Last, do not massage the baby when it is crying.

Benefits of infant massage are: improving sleep patterns, reducing discomfort and strain on the emotion and physics, stimulating the oxytocin and endorphins hormones, assisting the physical and neurological development, circulating blood and the lymphatic system thus increasing endurance, helping tighten the muscles but still pliable, helping baby's digestive function, getting closer the relationship between mother and baby, making baby feel protected, accepted, and loved.