Infant Massage for Confidence

Parenting babies does not just feed, drink, and toys. Babies need attention including massage, caress, and love. The result is they will be healthy, happy, and confident. The condition is that the masseur should be parents or nearest relatives. They could be grandfather, grandmother, or a babysitter, but not therapist or masseur.

Why should the masseur be parents or nearest relatives? According to Rina Poerwadi, a certified infant massage instructor, in this situation, it occurred the learning process both to the baby and parents. When massaged, babies learn to recognize the voices, smell, and touch of parents. If the process is right, when massaged, the baby will feel safe and comfortable, not thrash, much less weep hard. Babies and parents are working together. There is no element of coercion and both enjoy together.

At the time of the massage, it created the atmosphere of togetherness and love ligature between parent and child. Attention and affection of the parents are directly felt by the baby. These events of intimacy and love strap tie will be recorded by both for lifetime. These touch and massage of love would be the most effective means of communication between parents and children when one day it happened the emotional tension between them.

Massage also provides both an opportunity to express each other. Although infants can not express clearly to the parents, the body language is a form of direct communication. It is clearly visible on the face of the little an excitement, a confidence, and a feeling of relaxation. During massaging the tiny, you would have to maintain eye contact, kissing, caressing gently, including talking. This will keep the closeness of your relationship with the baby. Although it seems just massaging, you already increase the emotional attachment.