Green Tea Prevents Tooth Decay

Green tea, that has been frequently heard to dissolve the fat content, can also prevent tooth decay. It is probable this ability because of the polyphenol compounds, particularly the catechins and fluoride.

In Japan, it had done research on a number of volunteers who were asked to wash the mouth with tea which contained polyphenols after they ate. As a result, green tea could significantly reduce the occurrence of plaque including against those who did not brush or floss their teeth. Other studies also showed that those who drank tea regularly, cases of tooth decay decreased and the level of damage was not too severe.

It turns out that toothpaste containing green tea, from the results of the study, could also reduce dental plaque.

Seeing the benefits of green tea so great against the teeth, there is no harm if we often drink green tea in order to have strong and healthy teeth.

Jasmine Pearls Tea
Jasmine Pearls Tea is grown at a fairly high elevation of 1,200 meters. Basically, it consists of spring harvested green tea leaves that are hand-rolled into tight balls resembling pearls (or Buddha's tears). Once the balls are made, they are left to dry until the jasmine flowers are in bloom.

The tea, which remains rolled into a ball shape, is then scented five to six times with jasmine flower petals. It is a natural tea made from freshly harvested tea and jasmine petals.

How to brew:
  • Put your water on to boil.
  • Pour a bit of the boiling water into your teapot then toss. This is to warm your teapot.
  • Take the pot off after starts boiling, and allow to sit for 1 minute.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of Jasmine Pearls Tea per cup to your teapot. You can add the tea directly to the pot or use an infuser.
  • Pour the hot but not boiling water into your teapot. Put the lid on your teapot.
  • Allow the Jasmine Pearls Tea to steep for 5 minutes but not longer than 8 minutes.
  • Strain your Jasmine Pearls Tea if necessary, or remove the infuser.
  • Pour your Jasmine Pearls Tea into tea cups and drink.