Foam Mocha Pudding

This time, we will give the Foam Mocha Pudding recipe.

  • 3 packs of white gelatin
  • 1,200 ml of water
  • 1 can of chocolate sweetened condensed milk
  • 6 egg whites
  • 2 tbsp. of instant coffee
Mocha custard:
  • 1 can of white sweetened condensed milk
  • 750 ml of water
  • 4 tbsp. of cornstarch + 1 tbsp. of warm water
  • ½ tsp. of salt
  • 1 tbsp. of instant coffee + 1 tbsp. of warm water
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 2 tbsp. of rum
How to make:
  • Mix gelatin with water. Cook while stirring frequently until slightly soluble.
  • Add the sweetened condensed milk and instant coffee. Stir constantly until boiling. Turn off the heat. Stir briefly. Let stand for 15 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, whisk 6 egg whites with a mixer in a dry and clean large enough container until stiff.
  • Add not too hot gelatin into the egg whites.
  • Add gradually while continuing to shake with a mixer.
  • If well blended, pour into the soaked 1½ l-sized pan. Let stand until cool.
  • Serve this gelatin with mocha custard.
Mocha custard:
  • Melt 1 can of white sweetened condensed milk with 750 ml of water.
  • Mix the milk with the cornstarch that has been thawed. Give salt and coffee.
  • Cook until boiling while stirring continually. Turn off the flame.
  • Beat the egg yolks. Add a few tbsp. of milk batter. Stir well.
  • Add the egg yolks into the milk mixture. Cook until boiling. Turn off the fire. Stir constantly until the smoke is gone. Once cool, add the rum.
For 30 pieces.

Nutritional facts per piece:
  • Calorie: 106 kcal
  • Protein: 3.3 g
  • Fat: 3.3 g
  • Carbohydrate: 16 g
  • Cholesterol: 27.9 mg
  • Fiber: 0.6 g
The Opti Weight Loss Mocha Cream Pudding/Shake Combination can be made into a rich shake that has a wonderful taste of mocha. This is the perfect shake for coffee lovers, and whether you love mocha or not, you'll love the creamy taste of the pudding. It can be used as a rich shake or a creamy pudding.